About Feast Of Esther

Feast of Esther is an annual Feast organized by the wife of the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor (Mrs.) Folu Adeboye. It is a vision and a divine assignment given by God. Feast of Esther is the gathering of women who are General Overseers or heads of ministries and women who are wives of General overseers/Prelates/Arch Bishops/Head of Ministries, and Women Leaders of Ministries to interact for the purpose of fellowship, prayer, renewal, growth and development and to stand in gap for their churches, ministries and nation. The first Feast of Esther was held in February 2002. Since then, it has been organized in other African, European and North American countries.

About Our Founder

Pastor Mrs Folu Adeboye is a Mother, a mentor, a teacher and a woman in the ministry. She is in charge of Women Affairs in RCCG, which enables her to host the annual Women in Ministry program for all female ministers in the RCCG all over the world. The program is aimed at training RCCG Pastors' wives and Midwives. She's the Editor-in-Chief of Courage Magazine, the official publication of RCCG women which helps in disseminating information on current issues as they affect Christian Women. She is the President of a welfare ministry called certain women. This welfare ministry caters for the emotional, financial, material and spiritual needs of widows both within and outside the church.

about our founder | Feast Of Esther

Our Mission

To develop excellent Ministry Skills in women who are called to support and impact the church of God for nation building and stand as pillars in the house of God to accomplish great things for the kingdom.

Our Vision

A forum where female General Overseers/Bishops or wives of General Overseers/Bishops, Head of Ministries,and Women Leaders of Ministries learn to:



Accomplish their goals and calling in ministry.



Support and stand in gap for their husbands, given churches, ministries and nation.



Interact and share fellowship in holiness.



Impact the church maximally to reflect a revival in the nation.



Ensure that as many people as possible make heaven.